Recombinant protein products

Name Mouse XCL1 Protein/重组小鼠 XCL1 蛋白
Specifications 20ug
Serial number CZDB-003
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Chinese name Mouse XCL1 Protein/重组小鼠 XCL1 蛋白
Molecular nickname AI661682, ATAC, LTN, Lptn, SCM-1, SCM-1a, Scyc1
Molecular species Mouse
Express label His,S
Express the host E. coli
Concentration > 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
Buffer Lyophilized from sterile PBS, pH 7.4
Storage conditions -70°C,应避免反复冻融。
Basic description Lymphotactin is the only known member of the C-chemokine family and signals through the receptor XCR1, formally known as GPR5. The spleen shows the highest level of lymphotactin compared to peripheral leukocytes, lung, colon and small intestine. Lymphotactin is chemotactic towards lymphocytes but not towards monocytes or neutrophils.

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